How to Buy a Mobile Base

How to Buy a Mobile Base

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Recognizing you need an easier way to move your tools and machines around your shop is one thing — finding the best way to do it is another. Mobile bases offer the stability and support you need without compromising on mobility. They’re a great way to seamlessly organize your shop, whether you’re working out of a small space that needs rearranging on the regular, or you need to be able to move and transport your machinery with ease.

Understanding which mobile base you need is the next step. This might seem intimidating, because when you look at BORA’s mobile base webpage, you can see we have eight models, in addition to several different rail or power tool extension kits. So if you’re not sure where to start, you’re definitely in the right place.

You can basically divide our mobile bases into three types: lighter duty, medium duty, and heavy duty. Models fit into category based on their weight capacity and size. Below is a quick overview of our different mobile base options based on these types.

Light Duty Mobile Bases

“Light duty” might imply that these models can’t stand up to the grind of a workshop, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. With a weight capacity of 400 lbs., their role is to support and maneuver your smaller machines — think of your drill press, router table, and band saw. Models in the Light Duty category include:

PM-1000 Universal Mobile Base — our original light duty mobile base; a customer favorite for years

PM-1050 Universal Mobile Base — our newest mobile base; comparable to the PM-1000 but with bigger foot levers

PM-1100 Custom Mobile Base — one of our most popular bases, this model just needs plywood to be whatever size or shape you need

Medium Duty Mobile Bases

Our Medium Duty range of mobile bases supports over 600 lbs., which makes them perfect if you’re just not sure how heavy your machine is. The Caster Kit is ideal if you have a workbench you need to make mobile, and the PM-2500 is a great choice for most smaller footprint stationary machines. Models in the Medium Duty category include:

PM-950 Workbench Caster Kit — supports up to 620 lbs. and easily bolts onto the legs or sides of any workbench or wooden structure

PM-2500 Adjustable Mobile Base — supports up to 650 lbs. and is ideal for stationary machines, cabinets, toolboxes, and more

Heavy Duty Mobile Bases

Some of our most popular bases are the heavy duty ones. With ones of these models, you know you won’t have any issues supporting a large machine; these are truly industrial workhorses. If you have a rectangular table saw or machine, our T-Extensions easily attach so that every part of your machine is supported. It’s important to note that these bases have a larger minimum size than the Light Duty and Medium Duty models, so don’t forget to measure the footprint of the machine you want to mobilize to make sure it’s not too small for one of these mobile bases.

PM-3500 Super Duty Mobile Base — supports up to 1500 lbs.; a customer favorite

PM-3550 All-Swivel Mobile Base — supports up to 1500 lbs. and features 360-degree spin on all four wheels for super easy maneuvering

PM-3800 High-Clearance Mobile Base — features 5” wheels to easily maneuver over cracks, cords, and uneven terrain

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For more information on the range of BORA Mobile Bases, please visit the Mobile Base section on the Hardware Centre Website, or visit the BORA section to view all the great products in the BORA Portamate Stable.

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