Dremel 4300-3/45 175W Multi Tool

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Multi-Tool – Luminous. Limitless. Max power.

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Endless possibilities – one tool. From sanding to grinding, and routing to cutting; this Multi-Tool produces power from job to job. Electronic feedback gives additional power when needed to maintain maximum performance when working with both soft and hard materials. You are always in perfect control of your projects. Even when working in awkward angles, tight spaces and dark areas. The 360° adjustable LED light at the front of the tool allows you to clearly see everything that you’re doing, so you can work with the greatest precision. Simply insert any accessory that fits your project and you’re ready to go.

  • Ideal for working on any material, soft or hard
  • Turn your heavy duty project into an easy one
  • Carving, engraving, routing, cutting, sanding, grinding, sharpening, polishing and cleaning. A constant stream of different projects you can tackle
  • Get the best results with the LED light at the front of the tool. Work with the greatest precision, even in dark areas
  • Simply swap the accessory and proceed to the next step of your project


Rated power input 175 W
Voltage 220 – 240 V
Weight 0.66 kg
Length 24 cm
Width 4.1 cm
Depth 4.3 cm
No load speed 5,000 – 35,000 1/min
Battery technology n.a.
Speed setting Fully Variable
Accessory quick change system Multi Chuck

Included in Kit

Dremel Flexible Shaft for Multi Tools (225) 1
Dremel Line and Circle Cutter (678) 1
Dremel Multi Purpose Cutting Kit (565) 1
Dremel Ball Point High Speed Cutter 4.8mm x 3.2mm (191) 1
Dremel Aluminum Oxide Grinding Stone Bull Nose 9.5mm (952) 1
Dremel Silicon Carbide Grinding Stone 10.3mm (85602) 1
Dremel Polishing Compound (421) 1
Dremel Polishing Wheel 26mm (429) 2
Dremel Polishing Wheel 13mm (414) 2
Dremel Bristle Brush Wheel 19mm x 3.2mm(403) 1
Dremel EZ SpeedClic Metal Cutting Wheels (SC456) 5
Dremel Cut-off Wheels 32mm (540) 5
Dremel Spiral Cutting Bit – Multi Purpose (561) 2
Dremel Sanding Band & Mandrel 13mm 60 Grit (407) 1
Dremel Sanding Bands 13mm 60 Grit (408) 2
Dremel Sanding Bands 13mm 120 Grit (432) 3
Dremel Sanding Discs 180 Grit 19mm Diameter (411) 4
Dremel Sanding Discs 240 Grit 19mm Diameter (413) 4
Dremel Sanding Bands 6.4mm 120 Grit (438) 3
Dremel Sanding Bands 6.4mm 60 Grit (431) 2
Dremel Sanding Band & Mandrel 6.4mm 60 Grit (430) 1
Dremel Mandrel – Male Thread 3.2mm (401) 1
Dremel EZ SpeedClic Mandrel (SC402) 1
Dremel Mandrel – Female Thread 3.2mm (402) 1
Dremel Drill Bit (150) 1


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