Bora Next Gen Panel Carrier PM-1850

R2,999.00 incl.

Large sheets and panels of wood are hard to grab and even harder to move across your workshop. Save time and effort (and your arms and back) with the PM-1850 Panel Carrier, perfectly designed to do the heavy lifting for you.

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Moving sheet material and large pieces of wood is easier than ever with the PM-1850 Panel Carrier. This shop accessory does double duty — not only does it reduce the time and effort it takes to move panels, but it also transforms into a table saw feed stand. The support leg kicks out and locks into place and the support arm tilts and locks horizontally, creating a stable feed stand. This means you can move material across your shop and run it through the table saw without it ever touching the ground. No shop is complete without one of these energy-saving, time-saving, back-saving panel carriers.


  • Helps you easily move large sheets and panels — even full 4×8 sheets
  • Functions as a panel dolly and table saw feed stand
  • 350-lb. (159 kg) weight capacity
  • 1 5/8 inch (4 cm) bottom lip on support arm can support 2-3 sheets of plywood at once
  • 7” smooth-gliding wheels ensure easy transport
  • Adjusts from 28” to 38” (71 cm to 97 cm) high to accommodate any table saw
  • Support arm rotates to 90 degrees and locks in place to feed material directly into your saw
  • Support leg adjusts to standing position to turn panel carrier into table saw feed stand
  • 2016 ProTool Review Innovation Awards Winner