Dremel 4000-4/65 175W Multi Tool

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Multi-Tool – Strong. Dynamic. Maximum control.

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The key to a perfect result is having maximum control over your project. This Multi-Tool with interchangeable accessories and attachments will give you just that. The tool has a 360 degree soft grip for greater maneuverability in any position. Tackle even the smallest and most detailed tasks in awkward and tight spaces. The rotary speed is fully variable and controlled separately from the on/off switch, so you will always be able to pick up your project right where you left off. Together with the high-performance motor, the electronic feedback consistently gives you maximum force. Sand, grind, cut and more on any material with the same ease.

This Dremel kit includes the high performance 4000 Multi-Tool with the new EZ Twist Nose Cap. This means no wrench is needed anymore when changing accessories. It comes in a neatly organised case that includes a removable accessory tray and a tool holder which can be fixed to the wall and allows for easy wrapping of the tool’s cord. This practical carrying case also contains the Flex Shaft, the Line & Circle Cutter, the detailer’s grip and the shaping platform attachment. Furthermore 65 original Dremel accessories are included.

  • Best rated Multi-Tool
  • The best solution for everyday use
  • Most variable rotary speed for maximum control and precision
  • Carving, engraving, routing, cutting, sanding, grinding, sharpening, polishing and cleaning. One system, thousands of uses.


Rated power input 175 W
Voltage 230 V
Weight 0.66 kg
Length 23 cm
Width 4.1 cm
Depth 4.3 cm
No load speed 5,000 35,000 1/min
Speed setting Fully variable
Sound pressure 77.9 dB(A)
Sound power 88.9 dB(A)
Vibration 2.6 11.4 m/s²

Included in Kit

Dremel Flexible Shaft for Multi Tools (225) 1
Dremel Line and Circle Cutter (678) 1
Dremel Shaping Platform Attachment (576) 1
Dremel Detailer’s Grip Attachment (577) 1
Dremel Sanding Band & Mandrel 13mm 60 Grit (407) 1
Dremel Sanding Bands 13mm 60 Grit (408) 3
Dremel Sanding Bands 13mm 120 Grit (432) 4
Dremel Mandrel – Male Thread 3.2mm (401) 1
Dremel Mandrel – Female Thread 3.2mm (402) 1
Dremel Polishing Compound (421) 1
Dremel Polishing Wheel 26mm (429) 3
Dremel Polishing Wheel 13mm (414) 3
Dremel Sanding Discs 180 Grit 19mm Diameter (411) 7
Dremel Sanding Discs 240 Grit 19mm Diameter (413) 7
Dremel Aluminum Oxide Grinding Stone -Cylinder 9.5mm (932) 1
Dremel Aluminum Oxide Grinding Wheel (541) 1
Dremel Silicon Carbide Grinding Stone Wheel 19.8mm (85422) 1
Dremel Bristle Brush Cup 13mm x 3.2mm (404) 1
Dremel Ball Point High Speed Cutter 4.8mm x 3.2mm (191) 1
Dremel Ball Point Engraving Cutter 2.4 mm x 2.4mm (107) 1
Dremel Heavy Duty Cut-off Wheel 24mm (420) 20
Dremel Drill Bit (150) 1
Dremel EZ SpeedClic Mandrel (SC402) 1
Dremel EZ SpeedClic Metal Cutting Wheels (SC456) 5
Dremel Spiral Cutting Bit – Multi Purpose (561) 1
Dremel Finishing Abrasive Buffs (511) 2
Dremel Spiral Cutting Bit (560) 1


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