Drill Guide Kit

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The ultimate kit for all your precision drilling needs

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Purchase a Milescraft Drill Mate 1318 and get a Milescraft Drill Block 1362 Free!

This is the solution to all your precision drilling needs.

Milescraft Drill Mate 1318

With the Milescraft DrillMate portable drill stand, you can drill straight holes, angled holes, on the edge of a board or even round stock. Everyone knows that the success of many DIY projects depends on drilling straight and accurate holes. Now you can add a whole new level of accuracy with this drill guide jig when drilling holes with your standard hand drill.

Milescraft Drill Block 1362

Hand-Held Drill Guide For Drilling Straight Holes All The Time

The Milescraft DrillBlock allows you to drill straight holes all of the time, on many different drilling surfaces. On the bushing block, there are 6 holes for common drill bits sizes. The bushing block is held at a tight tolerance and allows you to drill a hole 90° to any surface, centered on a round item or even directly into the corner of your project.


Milescraft Drill Mate 1318

Material Metal and plastic
Chuck 3/8″ Keyed
Drill Bit Clearance Always: Maximum 8.88″
Drill Head Clearance with Spring and Depth Stop Max Travel: 6.23″
Minimum Drill Bit Length: 2.65″
Drill Head Clearance without Spring and Depth Stop Max Travel: 8.15″
Minimum Drill Bit Clearance: 0.73″
Compatible with 3/8” and 1/2” power drills
Weight 4.13 lbs


Milescraft Drill Block 1362

Material Reinforced Nylon and MetaL
Bushing Sizes 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and 12mm.
Weight 1.36kg