Laser Cube Mini Basic Edition

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The most compact self-leveling laser level

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The most compact self-leveling laser level. It projects one horizontal and one vertical line. Used for applications like partitions, laying tiles or beams, installation of doors, windows, furniture and more


  • Two 90° lines, red laser beams
  • Shock Proof Housing: The housing has a strong structure. Rubber parts protect the instrument against damages
  • Due to the ribbed surface the instrument don’t slip out of your hands
  • Easy Operation: Switching on and unlocking with one button
  • Automatic self-leveling.
  • Laser lines begin to blink when the inclination is big
  • ¼’’ thread at the bottom of the instrument allows to set it on the tripod or universal mount


Brand ADA
Rating DIY
Beam Color Red
Number of Lines 2
Battery Life (hours) 20
Accuracy ± 0,2 mm @ 1m
Laser Class 2
Pprotection Class IP54
Battery 2 x AA
Length (cm) 6.5
Width (cm) 4.5
Height (cm) 6.5
Weight (kg) 0.19


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