Veritas Stainless-Steel Parf Dogs

Stainless-Steel Parf Dogs

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Named after their designer (Peter Parfitt), Parf dogs let you take advantage of the grid of the Festool MFT/3 multifunction table to set up accurate, repeatable cuts. The dogs come in two sizes – a 10mm (just over 3/8″) tall small dog and the 70mm (2 3/4″) tall Parf dog. By using a pair of small dogs to position your workpiece and a pair of Parf dogs to position the fence on top of it, you can easily achieve parallel or square cuts on the work.

We worked with Parfitt to improve his design and broaden its utility. Machined from stainless steel in our shop, our versions have a 19.90mm diameter post that fits snugly in the 20mm holes of the MFT/3. Each size of dog is supported on the surface of the bench by a thicker boss or collar, 25mm (just under 1″) in diameter and 10mm (just over 3/8″) tall, which provides a good bearing surface and stability in use. For additional security, each dog has a threaded hole to fasten it from below the table with an MFT accessory clamping knob (not included) or the inexpensive star-shaped knob we offer separately.

The two dogs can also be used as the starting point for a variety of different jigs. Aside from its use as a low-profile stop, the small dog can be set flush into a bench top or jig piece to exploit its M8 threaded through hole as an anchor point – the boss size was chosen to let you easily make a recess for it with a standard 25mm (1″) bit. The Parf dog is 19.90mm in diameter above its collar, matching its post. You can make a simple beam compass with a long board by drilling a 20mm hole for the dog in one end and using a marking tool at the other. By replacing the marking tool with a router or jigsaw, a very stable and accurate trammel system can be created.

Made in Canada.



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