Veritas Saw Set Coarse

R829.00 incl.

For Setting saws from 4 to 12 points

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For Setting saws from 4 to 12 points. Hold a saw and set its tooth one by one


Care and Use

The main part of this saw set is made from tough die-cast alloy and anti-corrosive treatment is done on its surface.

The specific steel head is hardened and tempered completely, so they stand long use.

How to operate the “Somax” saw set

  1. insert a saw between the anvil and plunger of this saw set shown on the left.
  2. Turn the anvil to adjust it to the angle of a saw tooth and fasten the screw at a proper point.
  3. Then send out the saw from one tooth to another, pressing it through handle action.
  4. To smooth the friction, pour oil or grease into the plunger, for a perfect, even, and speedy setting of a saw with the “Somax” Saw Set.

How to avoid the breakage of saw tooth

  1. Never set a saw in the opposite direction to which it was set before.
  2. Never move or wrench the head of saw set during the operation. Just squeeze in hand both handles and let the saw set work on.
  3. Never go against the instruction given by saw makers.



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