Rustins Textured Decking Oil

Hard-wearing, water resistant oil

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Rustins Decking Oil is a hard-wearing, water resistant oil that retains the colour of the decking. It contains UV light inhibitors and biocides which protects the oil from mould and algae growth.


  • Solvent based to enhance the grain
  • Apply two coats for durability and water resistance
  • High quality resin enables smooth application
  • Satin finish
  • Gives UV protection
  • Contains biocide to protect from algae/mould
  • Pigment in coloured oil gives better UV protection


Coats 3 coats.
Drying Time 4-8 hours, depending on temperature & Humidity.
Re-coating Time 4-8 hours, depending on temperature & Humidity
Application Temp. Ideally 15-25°C but do not apply below 5°C.
Coverage About 12 sq.m per litre per 1 coat
Maintenance Periodic re-oiling is required. When applying to previously oiled wood the surface should be cleaned thoroughly and be free from contaminants
Compatibility May be used over existing oil based finishes but test for compatibility with a small test area first


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