Toolmate TMDCB300 Single Bag 2 HP Dust Collector

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Toolmate TMDCB300 Single Bag 2 HP Dust Collector. The ideal dust collector for home workshops or light industrial use.

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The ideal dust collector for home or light industrial use. The 125 mm inlet splits in 2 x 100mm outlets-ideal to use on 2 machines simultaneously. The top cloth bag acts as the filter whilst the lower plastic bag collects the coarse dust and chippings. Coupled to your planer or saw it will remove all solid material and will also cut down on dust in the air. Base castors aid movement around the workshop. Bag dia is 500 mm x 1200mm. (785 x 1200 when flat)

  1. NB) Supplied without any 100 mm pipes or clamps needed for connecting to a woodworking machine.


  • Motor: 1500W
  • Fan diameter: 300mm
  • Inlet diameter: 125mm
  • Number of intake holes: 2 x 100
  • Air speed-50Hz: 1,490CFM/42.15cubic meter/min
  • Bag diameter: 500mm
  • Filter Bag height: 850mm
  • Collection Bag height: 1450mm
  • Bag volume: 0.27 cubic meter
  • Overall LxWxH: 1000*750*2330mm
  • Net/gross weight: 44/48kg


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