UJK Technology Locking C Clamp 75mm

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Strong Quick Release Clamp with 45mm Face Pads

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Specially developed for the UJK Pocket Hole Jig, this clamp will hold the portable plate securely to your work whilst drilling and can also be used to clamp the joint together whilst fixing. With quick action and very secure clamp, it has two large 45mm face pads that spread the clamp load. Opening to a maximum of 75mm.

In Summary:

  • Strong quick release clamp with 45mm face pads
  • Developed for the UJK Technology Pocket Hole Jig
  • Holds the pocket hole jig portable plate securely to a workpiece
  • Also can be used as a standard work clamp
  • Quick action and secure lock
  • Opening to a maximum of 75mm



Maximum Opening 75mm
Lever Quick Action


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