Swanson Always Sharp Refillable Carpenter Pencils

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The AlwaysSharp Refillable Carpenter Pencil never needs sharpening!

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The AlwaysSharp® Refillable Carpenter Pencils are very handy. The pencil never has to be sharpened. It always maintains its length—so it won’t get lost in your tool pouch. The lead will also last 5 times longer since there is no waste due to sharpening.



  • Includes 2 pencils each with 8 tips, plus 8 extra replacement tips
  • Flat design, won’t roll away
  • Consistently sharp tip resists breakage and smearing—no razor blade needed for sharpening
  • Eliminate wasted graphite from sharpening, meaning your pencil lasts five times longer than a traditional Carpenter Pencil
  • Handy pocket clip attaches to your tool belt or pocket
  • Durable Carpenter Pencil is ideal in the shop or out in the field
  • Always full-length—never work with a little stub
  • Recommended for professional use



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