Axminster Trade Clamps Ratchet Hold Down Clamp

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Fast Acting Ratchet Hold Down Fits Perfectly into Any 20mm Bench Dog Hole

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The spigot on this fast acting ratchet hold down fits perfectly into any 20mm bench dog hole. The unique design makes it perfect for use with a UJK Technology Multifunction workbench or the Festool MFT/3 Multifunction table. Additionally, you can use it on any Parf Guide system cutting table and any Axminster woodworking bench. The maximum bench top thickness is 30mm.

The hold down utilises the rapid action and controllable high clamping power of the Axminster Trade Clamps Forged Quick Lever Clamp. It has a throat depth of 60mm and a maximum working height of 90mm. The spigot mount, locking knob and square support plates are S303 stainless steel CNC machined, highly accurate and rust free.

The ratchet mechanism can generate exceptionally high clamping force; the support plates spread the load, preventing the spigot from deforming the dog hole. Parf dog holes and those in the Festool MFT/3 rely on their exact sizing to maintain accuracy, whenever feasible; it is advisable to the support plates.

The top 4mm of the spigot is 25mm diameter, without a support plate this sits directly on top of you bench and precisely matches the 25mm portion of Parf dogs. It allows you to use the clamp’s spigot as a reference, positioning and clamping a workpiece at the same time. The ratchet mechanism gives you control over the amount of pressure applied without fear of damaging the dog hole.

When positioning a workpiece on the vertical face of a UJK Technology workbench. A Twist or Parf dog in one hole and this ratchet clamp directly above, means you will have the work set up in a matter of seconds.


  • One handed operation, fast action, high clamping force
  • CNC machined stainless steel spigot
  • Fits perfectly into any 20mm bench dog hole
  • Ideal for UJK Technology Multifunction workbenches
  • Use on any Parf Guide system cutting table
  • Clamping depth up to 90mm, reach 60mm


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