Axminster Trade Vices Quick Release Carpenter’s Vice

R1,999.00R2,699.00 incl.

The vice is for professional use with a quick release trigger for speedy jaw adjustment.

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These European made carpenter’s vices feature automatic quick release and a height adjustable front dog. They are exceptionally strong, superbly engineered and entirely suitable for professional use. The main body is grey cast iron, chosen for its strength and resistance to fatigue. The quick release is actuated by the handle meaning this clever and simple design requires no additional springs or mechanism. The 24mm diameter main spindle has a rolled trapezoidal thread for smooth, consistent performance and to withstand extreme loads. The jaws run on two 25mm strong steel guide rods ensuring movement is virtually free of play and racking is eliminated. The jaws are very slightly angled so they meet at the top first. This marginal toe-in feature guarantees your workpiece will always be held firm and true. The jaws are drilled and ready to receive wooden liners.

Lifetime Warranty*
If any vice fails due to a material or manufacturing defect it will be replaced free of charge


  • Lifetime Warranty*
  • Trigger operated quick release
  • Adjustable front dog


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