Veritas Replacement Tounge Cutting A2 Blade 4mm

R479.00 incl.

Tongue-Cutting Blade for Veritas Small Plow Plane and Combination Plane

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Used for tongue-and-groove work, the interchangeable blade system enables you to cut six different tongue widths (grooves are cut with matching sizes of our standard blades) to support stock of varying thicknesses – all using the same plane.

Each A2 cutter has an integral depth stop and shaving deflector. The cutters are usable with both the right- and left-hand plow planes, and can be used with the combination plane for both right- and left-hand work. For those with our small plow plane, a wide-blade conversion kit is needed to use any of the tongue-cutting blades. These narrow tongue sizes are particularly well suited for the thinner stock used in cabinetry and drawer carcass construction. All blades have a 35° bevel angle. Made in Canada.




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