Bora NGX Clamp Edge Extension with Connectors

R1,149.00 incl.

The BORA NGX Clamp Edge Extention fits into NGX Clamp Edge saw guide to increase the cutting length by up to 50 inches



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It’s never been easier to rip, crosscut, and break down material than with the all-new NGX Clamp Edge™ System. No more fumbling with adjustable clamp ends on opposite sides of the straight edge—the adjustable clamp is connected to the handle. Simply hook the Clamp Edge across your board, line it up with your cut, and clamp it down — all without moving your feet.


  • Fits into NGX Clamp Edge saw guide to increase length by 50 inches
  • Easily attached with metal connectors
  • Made of heavy-gauge, extruded aluminum for extreme durability


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