BORA Rip Guide Combo

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When you need to rip sheet goods down to size, you need an easy-to-use tool that gives you fast, accurate cuts. Enter the BORA® Rip Guide Combo — the perfect alternative to a table saw in both ease of use and price. This is the perfect accessory to your NGX or WTX Clamp Edge to help you break down material with a smaller tool.

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It’s not always easy to break down full pieces of plywood or sheet material, even if you have a table saw. Whether you need to make one or multiple rip cuts, getting out and setting up the entire table saw can be a hassle. With the BORA® Rip Guide Combo, you can simply lay your sheet material on your workstand and rip what you need with just your circular saw. Who knew breaking down plywood could be so easy and accurate?


  • Large, ergonomic rip handle ensures solid grip
  • Can be used on right- or left-handed saws — no tools necessary to switch
  • Portable so you can take it to job sites
  • Set up once and you’re set for every use
  • Includes saw plate that fits most right- or left-handed saws
  • Extruded aluminum rail attaches to saw plate securely for confident cuts
  • Works with BORA® NGX and WTX Clamp Edge Systems


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