Bora WTX Track Clamps

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The WTX Track Clamp allows you to see — and use — your WTX Clamp EdgeTM saw guide from a whole new angle.

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It used to be that you could only cut 90 angles with the WTX Clamp EdgeTM. Now you can make any angle you want, thanks to the WTX Track Clamp. Cutting a 35 angle? Go for it. A 67 angle? Easy. Even a 83.75 angle? If you really want to, the WTX Track Clamp makes it possible.


See — and use — your WTX Clamp EdgeTM saw guide from a whole new angle.

  • Fits into WTX Clamp EdgeTM to make it a more versatile system
  • Makes any angle fast, easy, and accurate
  • Helps quickly process panel material
  • Easy to adjust and use with fast-acting lock nut
  • Slides into both top and bottom of track for multipurpose functionality
  • Use as a work stop, increase your holding power, or turn your clamp into a vise
  • Holds tight with non-marring rubber grips
  • Sold as a set of 2 clamps


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