Eze-Lap Credit Card Stones 50mm x 83mm

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A handy Credit Card Sized Diamond Stone for all your Sharpening needs!

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Credit card sized Eze-Lap diamond hone sharpeners. Heavy and sturdy, these diamond hones or ‘stones’ as they are sometimes referred to, are the perfect workbench filer or sharpener. It’s many uses include finishing hardened pallets, sharpening gravers, putting an edge on drills, cross graining burnishers, smoothing the edges of cut glass, modifying jewels, shaping crystals, flattening the backs of stones for bevel settings, shaping, sharpening your wood turning tools, fishing hooks and carbide tools.


You can use our Eze-Lap sharpeners with or without a lubricant but the cut and life will be improved with a lubricant.

Credit card sized: 2″ x 3.25″

  • 1200 (super fine) product code: 200
  • 600 (fine) product code: 201
  • 400 (medium) product code: 202
  • 250 (coarse) product code: 203


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