Leigh 5/8″ OD Guide Bushing

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716C guide bushing, 5/8” OD [15,9mm]

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To determine if your guide bushing fits directly to your router, measure the opening in the bottom of your router.

The widest part, or counter bore, of the opening must be 1-3/8″ and the inner hole must be 1-3/16″. If the opening matches these dimensions, you do not need an adaptor. For all other opening sizes, refer to the guide bushing adaptor selector.



716C guide bushing, 5/8” OD [15,9mm]
Use for 1/2″ [12,7mm] shank through dovetail bits on Leigh D4R Pro and D-series jigs.

(711TP (7/16” OD) and 716TP (5/8” OD) guide bushings were discontinued and have been replaced by the 711C and 716C.)


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