King Double Sided Waterstone 800 / 6000 Grit

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A Fantastic Stone for All Rounded, Occasional Sharpening

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This is the perfect stone combo for new or occasional freehand sharpeners. It combines an 800 grit side for edge setting and sharpening and a 6000 grit side for final polishing and honing.
The King Deluxe stones are made with aluminium oxide particles suspended in a clay matrix. This combination allows the user to feel the cutting effect and thus control the process with more precision. Using water as the lubricant, the cutting particles are constantly washed away and replaced with new sharp particles that efficiently continue the polishing or honing the process.
These stones are on the soft side of the scale and as such will require resurfacing as they will dish quite quickly. They need to be soaked in water for about 15 minutes prior to use.

King stones have earned a worldwide reputation as one of the go-to Waterstones and they are a natural choice for many first time practitioners of the free hand sharpening art. This is a great combo stone to “hone” your skills! And exceptional value for such a good all round product. Measures 185x63x25mm.
Buy this King combo and Stay Sharp!


Grit 800 & 6 000
Dimensions 185x63x25mm
Materials Aluminium Oxide & Clay


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