Narex Premium Skew Chisels

R309.00 incl.

Special chisels with right hand skew 30˚.

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Special chisels with right hand skew 30˚. Suitable for cleaning out corners, dovetails and jobs in areas that cannot be reached by standard chisels. Forged blade is made of traditional Cr-Mn steel and is heat treated to 59 HRc. Ergonomic handle from hard and hefty hornbeam wood is strong enough to withstand heavy blows with a mallet.

Combination of the stained hornbeam handle, brass ferrule and improved grinding of the cutting edge creates unique design of tool.

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6mm Right Hand Skew, 6mm Left Hand Skew, 12mm Right Hand Skew, 12mm Left Hand Skew



Forged from highly alloyed Cr-Mn steel

Heat treated up to 59 HRc

Fully ground and sharpened

Thin sides for sidewall clearance


Ergonomic with round cross-section

Stained beech wood

Brass ferrule