Bosch PKS 66A Circular Saw 1600W 190 x 30mm Blade

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Handheld power – tough sawing

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Handheld power – tough sawing

This circular saw is an ideal choice when power and precision are needed to tackle difficult cutting projects. The PKS 66 AF has a powerful 1,600 W motor ideal for handling hard and thick wooden materials when making straight cuts. Use this saw for projects such as cutting doors to size or building a carport. CleanSystemBox collects chips when sawing for a clean workspace. There is also a groove in the footplate that can be fit into the guide rail system.


Power input 1.600 W
Circular saw blade rated diameter 190 mm
Circular saw blade bore size 30 mm
No-load speed 5,000 rpm
Baseplate 160 x 327 mm
Protective guard Aluminium
Machine weight 5,4 kg
Cutting depth range at 90° 0 – 66 mm


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