Veritas Sliding Square with Metric Graduations

R749.00 incl.

The metric model is graduated to 100mm along both edges and across one end to 70mm.

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These cabinetmaker’s squares are used to lay out or transfer measurements quickly and accurately — you always have an ample reference face against your work without having to flop the square. This also simplifies working in two axes at once, substantially reducing the chance of error when measuring and marking two dimensions.

Each has a matte finish, which makes it easy to read by reducing glare, and also lets you mark dimensions on it with a pencil. The diamond cut-out in the blade holds a pencil tip in position for drawing lines parallel to an edge. The locking mechanism has a notched pin like those on combination squares, with the blade bearing on polished, hardened steel reference pins set in the body. Accurate and well made.

Rules are interchangeable and can be purchased separately.

Sliding squares made in Canada.




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