Milescraft Tool Stand for Rotary Tools

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Milescraft ToolStand Converts Your Rotary Tool Into A Small Scale Drill Press

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Elevate Your Rotary Tool’s Performance to “Machine Tool” Standards with the ToolStand! Transform a handheld rotary device into a precision drilling machine with the rotary ToolStand. This stand is compatible with most Dremel-style rotary tools. The ToolStand acts as a drill press to cut perfectly perpendicular holes while a depth-stop gauge makes repetition a cinch.

Head Assembly

  • The solid metal head securely holds most rotary tools in place
  • Spring-loaded rack and pinion gearing move the tool smoothly and accurately through drilling depths set using the integrated depth scale
  • The integral depth stop ensures repeatability of cut, and the tool can be locked in place for continuous milling


Support Column

  • The steel 13-1/2″ support column fits securely into a steel base plate
  • Cord clip prevents the cord from interfering while working
  • Maximum travel of 7″


ToolStand Base

  • The base can rest unattached on a bench or be easily clamped or mounted
  • Formed steel 9.5″ x 7″ base
  • Surface and mounting platforms have been planed to ensure a level work surface
  • Includes rubber feet to prevent movement



Material Steel
Maximum Height 5″
Weight 3.94 lbs


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