Veritas Twin-Screw Vise

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This is the only non-racking full-width end vise on the market.

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This is the only non-racking full-width end vise on the market. You can clamp anything anywhere in the vise and the jaws stay parallel. The chain drive ensures parallelism and eliminates the racking common in other vises. It can be operated using either handle.

Even better, a spring-loaded lock pin lets you disengage the chain for controlled jaw skewing needed to equalize pressure on slightly out-of-square work. The vise has a 12″ capacity.

To build it, you will require two hardwood jaws. The vise is an easy retrofit to an existing bench, requiring only the addition of two pieces: an end cap drilled for the vise nuts and fixing bolts, plus the vise jaw itself. The aluminum chain cover consists of two cast end caps and a bridging extrusion, and must be cut to length for mounting at other than the maximum spacing. To retrofit a twin-screw vise purchased prior to 2001 with the aluminum cover, we offer cover kits separately.

The vise is available in two models. The standard vise accommodates vise screw centers up to 16 7/8″. For anyone requiring wider jaw capacity, the second model accommodates vise screw centers up to 24″, with sufficient chain to match. The two vise screws, nuts, chain cover, wooden handles and all installation hardware are included with complete mounting instructions. (A 1 1/2″ bit is needed to drill four holes.) Excellent value in a powerful vise.

Patented. Made in Canada.

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