Wing Divider 8/200mm

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Wing Divider 8/200mm

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  • SOBA Wing Divider is ideal for measuring diameters along or accurately reproducing. Measures precise angles, measurements, and draw circles/arcs without repeat use of a ruler.
  • The Sliding speed nut enables quick, smooth adjustments until contact with the centre collar. Strong metal needle point tip makes strong engravings and will not slip.
  • Locking mechanism with stop: This fully polished divider tool features a lockable wing for repeat Measurements marking diameter. Variety of projects with this handy wing divider!

Perfect addition to any toolbox: Compact, Lightweight and Portable wing divider, easy to carry in your toolbox for when you need it. Often Used by metalworking, mechanical engineering, machining work, architects, DIYers, and Woodworkers who need the right size tool for the small-scale jobs/model making or designing work to the large applications, this Vernier scale covers it all. Eco Packaging. Proven reliable Shobha Industries



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