PEANUT® Mini Jig – Perfect for Woodworkers and On-Site Projects

PEANUT® Mini Jig

Perfect for Woodworkers and On-Site Projects

The Peanut® Mini Jig and Peanut® Jig are fast and simple solutions for woodworkers who wish to take advantage of the Peanut®2 Connecting System. Peanut®2 and Peanut®2 Short are low cost, high strength, invisible, self-clamping dowel connectors. The Peanut®2 is designed for 90° joints whilst the Peanut®2 Short is perfect for 45° mitres and face-to-face connections.


The Mini Jig’s compact size and ease of use makes it perfect for projects either on-site or in the workshop. Simply mark the position of the connectors and corresponding slots then position the Mini Jig and rout and drill for the connectors. 


The larger Peanut Jig makes it perfect for a workshop set-up or alternatively it can be transported to site in its hard-wearing nylon carry case. Mark a centre line on your panel and align with the centre line on the jig, then using the simple inscribed scale on the jig, position the inserts and rout and drill for the connectors.


Both jigs are made from high-pressure laminate consisting primarily of a body and fence. M6 bolts attach the fence, which can be fitted in three positions – 90° joints for 16-25mm thickness panels, 90° joints for 25mm-40mm thickness panels and 45° joints for 18mm-30mm thickness panels.


There is no requirement for a special bench, just a router and cutter, along with good quality clamps. A low-rise 30mm guide bush is included with the Peanut Jig and a standard 30mm guide bush is required for the Mini Jig.


It takes minutes to master the jig and there is a simple-to-follow illustrated set-up guide included with every set as well as very clear instructional videos on the Intelligent Fixings YouTube channel.

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