Peanut Mini Jig Set

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The Peanut Mini Jig is the ultimate jig for hidden connectors. The jig allows woodworkers to take advantage of 3 invisible connector systems; the Peanut 2 System, DOMINO connectors and dowels. Each system can be used for 90° and 45° connections.

The Peanut 2 and Peanut 2 Short connectors are incredibly strong and completely invisible fixings which clamps and pulls the material together from the inside. The Peanut 2 is perfect for 90° joints and the Peanut 2 Short allows for 45° and face-to-face connections.

The Peanut Mini Jig is portable and easy to use, making it the perfect jig for on-site or in the workshop. No special bench is required, you just need a 1/2” router with a standard 30mm guide bush and good quality clamps.

The updated Peanut Mini Jig includes new features that improve its usability:

  1. Larger clamping zones
    Faster clamping and larger clamps can now be used.
  2. Easier tool set up for small routers
    The jig shape has slightly changed to allow the router cuter depth to be easily set on small routers.
  3. Mid-panel routing
    The jig can be secured to the workpiece for mid-panel router by using short screws in countersunk screw holes on the jig body.
  4. DOMINO connectors and dowels at 90° and 45°
    DOMINO slots can be routed and drill bushes are available for 5mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm dowels. The fence has two fixing positions allowing for both 90° and 45° routing.
  5. Horizontal and Vertical centre lines inscribed onto the jig body
    Vertical centre lines for placing DOMINO connectors. Horizontal line which centre on the router cutting path to align the jig for mid panel routing.

Create secure, strong joints, which can be taken apart and reassembled many times without loss of joint strength, ideal for flat-packing for transportation.

3.5mm gauge screws are required with the length of screw, depending on material thickness.
Recommended material thickness:
90° – 15.3mm plus
45° – 18mm plus



1x Mini PEANUT® Jig body
1x Jig fence
2x Gravity stopping studs
1x Drill guide bush (6mm)
2x M6 Allen bolts
2x Allen keys
1x 6mm drill bit with stop collar
1x Case for jig
1x Small drawstring cotton bag for accessories


  • The Peanut Mini Jig requires a standard 30mm guide bush that protrudes no more than 9mm from the base of the router.
  • Peanut cutter is not included and should be purchased separately.

Key Features

Key Features

  • Self-clamping, invisible connection for 90° and 45° joints
  • Pulls parts together from the inside, produces incredibly strong joints
  • Joints can be taken apart and reassembled many times without loss of strength



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