Peanut 2 Connectors

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The Universal Clamping Dowel

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The PEANUT 2 is an invisible connector and the most robust fixing in the PEANUT® range. It is designed for end drilling machines and our wood working jig for carpenters. Once inserted, all panels made with PEANUT components can be packed flat and depending on the tightness of the joint, can be assembled with no tools.

The PEANUT®2 is made of a strong reinforced plastic and has rows of teeth around the dowel end to provide high gripping strength when inserted. A hole through the length of the component allows for a 3.5mm screw to be used, this provides a very strong core and further enhances the grip strength. By adjusting the screw tightness, the joint can be made tighter or looser, allowing woodworkers to achieve the perfect joint even after multiple reassemblies. The PEANUT®2 has been designed with a shoulder to stop over-insertion and is perfectly calibrated for a tight joint in most situations.

The PEANUT® head has been specially designed to maximize ease of assembly and joint strength. Due to its dome shape, the PEANUT® head smoothly slides along the slot created by the T-shaped PEANUT® Cutter. In assembly, the PEANUT head rides over the lip of the PEANUT® slot and slides to the end, this action creates a strong clamping force, pulling the two panels together from the inside.

Key Features

  • A self-clamping, invisible connector

  • Creates an incredibly strong joint

  • Quick and simple assembly of cabinets

  • Packs flat when pre-inserted

  • Ideal for boring and insertion machines

  • PEANUT Jig and Mini Jig compatible

  • Can be reassembled many times

  • Made from Glass fibre reinforced nylon



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