Peanut Jig Set

R7,799.00 incl.

Designed for Carpenters and Small Workshops

  • A bespoke jig for use with handheld routers

  • Ideal for carpenters and small workshops

  • End drilling capabilities

  • Compatible with the PEANUT® 2 and PEANUT® 2 Short components

  • Makes 45° and 90° angled joints

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The Peanut Jig is the ultimate workshop jig for hidden connectors. The jig allows woodworkers to take advantage of 3 invisible connector systems; the Peanut 2 System, loose tenon and dowels. Each system can be used for 90° and 45° connections.

The Peanut 2 and Peanut 2 Short connectors are incredibly strong and completely invisible fixings which clamps and pulls the material together from the inside. The Peanut 2 is perfect for 90° joints and the Peanut 2 Short allows for 45° and face-to-face connections.

The Peanut Jig hosts an innovative waved design to secure removable inserts which guide a low rise 30mm guide bush. The waved design allows the inserts to be positioned anywhere along the jig, giving the user a large choice on where to position their PEANUT slots. A simple inscribed scale also helps for easy positioning of inserts.

Its robust design and ability to rout panels up to 60cm wide without repositioning makes it the perfect connector jig for workshops. With a low rise 30mm guide bush included, the user only requires a 1/2” router and good quality clamps.

The Peanut Jig has also received some updates; new reference lines inscribed to show the horizontal centre of the router cutting path and new inserts which enable woodworkers to use 5mm to 10mm loose tenons and dowels.

Key Features

Key Features

  • Foolproof router jig with complete easy to follow instructions
  • PEANUT®2 system creates secure, strong joints
  • For use with 1/2″ hand-held router and drill
  • Self-clamping invisible connection for 90° and 45° joints
  • Pulls parts together, produces incredibly strong joints
  • Joints can be taken apart and reassembled many times without loss of strength



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