Peanut 2 Cutter

R1,459.00 incl.

This solid carbide Peanut router cutter cuts the special recess for the Peanut 2 connectors. Use in conjunction with the Peanut router jig.

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The PEANUT® cutter is a T-shaped cutter with a domed head and produces the PEANUT® slots. The PEANUT® cutter creates a keyhole slot which has an undercut, the PEANUT Component inserts into the slot and slides along the undercut to clamp two panels together.

The PEANUT® slot is required for all PEANUT® connectors. The cutter is precisely machined from 1/2” solid carbide rods and cannot be resharpened. To create an 8mm or 12mm PEANUT Cutter, the 1/2” PEANUT® cutter goes through a second operation to grind the shank down to size.

Key Features

  • Solid carbide PEANUT® router cutter
  • 1/2″ shank
  • Use with PEANUT® router jig



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