BORA Centipede 4 Pc Bench Dog T-Slot Connector

R489.00 incl.

The Centipede Bench Dog Connectors perform double duty in your shop. On one hand, they act as standard bench dogs perfect for any 3/4” dog holes to help keep your material in place. On the other hand, they attach to the top side of your BORA saw guide to create a secure clamping system to hold your work in place.

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Bench dogs are a small but essential accessory for any workbench. These Centipede Bench Dog Connectors offer the same classic clamping support your expect from a set of bench dogs, but with the added bonus of working with any NGX or WTX Clamp Edge. The hex head bolt on the end of the bench dogs slides into the face of the Clamp Edge so you can create a simple and portable clamping system that will securely hold your material for any task.

Key Features

  • Designed to fit 3/4″ (19mm) dog holes in Centipede Tabletop model CK22T
  • Side spring allows for small adjustments to be made in the height of the bench dog above the table
  • Textured minimizes movement of project material
  • Hex head bolt fits the BORA saw guide systems by simply flipping the Clamp Edge over and sliding onto the bolt head. Saw guide clamps can then be used for a myriad of solutions
  • Threaded hole and hex bolt allow you to position t-track accessories wherever you need them

Technical Information

Product Name Centipede 4 Pc Bench Dog T-Slot Connector
SKU CA0704
UPC Code 878258007559
Item Height 8.5 inches
Item Length 5.5 inches
Weight 0.5
Item Width 2.5 inches
Model Number CA0704
Battery Included? No