Bora MiteriX Angle Duplicator

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Bora MiteriX Angle Duplicator.

Perfect miters — no guesswork.

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Cutting perfect miters just became the easiest part of the job with the Bora MiteriX Angle Duplicator. Use this tool to measure the exact miter angle you need to cut. Then lock it and transfer that exact angle to your miter saw. It divides the angle in half for the perfect miter — couldn’t be easier. From crown molding and wood casing to baseboard and trim, this tool will save you hours of frustration and wasted material.


Perfect miters — no guesswork. The Bora MiteriX Angle Duplicator is specifically designed to ensure your miter cuts are the perfect angle every time.


  • Works with any angle — internal or external from 0°-180°
  • Makes it easy to transfer angles straight to your miter saw
  • Collapsible and foldable for easy storage in your tool box.


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