Bora Quickcut Circular Saw Cutting Guide

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Bora Quickcut™ Circular Saw Cutting Guide

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Measuring and marking angles is easier than ever with the Bora QuickcutTM Circular Saw Cutting Guide. It features four of the most common angles preset for easy measuring, with a long 14” guide rail to make sure your cuts are accurate and precise. You can even use it as a square on the preset 90° angle. And since it features both metric and imperial measurements, you don’t need to carry around two squares. The QuickcutTM is all you need.



  • Easy to precisely mark, measure, and cut most common angles
  • 4 preset woodworking angles: 22.5°, 45°, 60°, and 90°
  • Large grip hand for extra comfort and precision
  • 16″ aluminimum cutting guide with metric and imperail measurements marked up to 14″
  • 14” saw guide rail makes it easy to cut long, straight cuts or use as saw guide
  • 5″ cutting marker included to measure your base to saw blade distance
  • Non-slip grip ledge
  • Heavy duty plastic handle for sure grip and more accurate cuts


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