Axminster Precision Centre Finding Rule

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Find the exact mid-point of a workpiece

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A centre finding or centring rule is unique in having the zero mark in the middle with scales running outwards both left and right. This saves time in finding the middle of boards, circles, anything you need to cut in half or for such things as mounting pictures and photos. The most important feature is that there is no need for mathematical calculations. Not only are they useful for centring but also as a left hand/right hand reading rule they are exceptionally useful when setting out.

Our rules have one side with the centring scale on the top edge and a standard scale on the bottom edge. On the reverse, the top edge is a standard scale and the bottom edge a centring scale. All graduations are photochemically etched, black filled and marked every 10mm in a clear, easy to read font. The rule is 25mm wide, 1mm thick, hardened and tempered Japanese stainless steel with an anti-glare satin chrome finish. All our rules conform to EC accuracy class 1 standard, guaranteeing a high level of accuracy.

In Summary:

  • Find the exact mid-point of a workpiece
  • Centring and standard scales on both sides
  • Conforms to EC class 1 standard for guaranteed accuracy
  • Photo-chemically etched, black filled graduations in an easy to read font
  • Hardened and tempered Japanese stainless steel
  • 25mm wide, 1mm thick with anti-glare satin chrome finish


EC Accuracy Class 1
Graduations Metric


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