Topman Z-Saw Dozuki Fine 240

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Ideal for extremely intricate and precise work , such as Dovetail , Tenon joint making.

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The standard length for general use and larger stock.

Specially developed for hardwoods. Although the trapezoidal teeth pattern makes this saw ideal for cuts across the grain, the more robust tooth design also allows for short cuts along the grain. For this reason, it can also be used for dovetail (rip cuts) joints.

Dozuki Saws

Dozuki saws are indispensable for cutting wood joints and making precise crosscuts and shoulder cuts. The ultra-thin and fine-toothed saw blade allows precise, tear-free cuts and the finest kerfs. The reinforced back stabilises the blade and makes it less susceptible to breakage, but also limits the possible cutting depth.


Blade length 240 mm
Overall length 530 mm
Cut depth 50 mm
Blade thickness 0.3 mm
Setting 0.5 mm
Crosscut teeth 1.2 mm


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