Milescraft Design and Inlay Kit

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Create Hundreds Of Designs & Inlays With Your Router

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Create Hundreds Of Designs & Inlays With Your Router

Embellish or decorate workpieces by creating an endless number of inlays and patterns with the Design/Inlay Kit.

The Design/Inlay Kit is compatible with most routers up to 7-1/4″ base diameter. Use the two included router bits to create small cutouts or artistic lacework. Give deck posts and cabinet doors a distinctive look, and even build one-of-a-kind furniture pieces. Using the four provided templates, anyone can produce the patterns, cutouts and intricate lacework pieces described in step-by-step detail in the supplied Design Guide. Choose from geometric, petal, heart, star, circle and bowtie (butterfly) shapes, or use the provided pencil guide for designing your own creations.

Features & Benefits:

  • Easy-to-follow patterns in templates allow you to create geometric, petal, heart, star, circle and bowtie shapes
  • Use the included pencil and pencil guide to precisely draw your design before you cut
  • User manual contains 25 design ideas, plus instructions on the best way to create your own designs
  • Pencil guide and included pencil duplicate the cutting path of the router bit allowing you to practice your designs before cutting the project material


Includes TurnLock™ BasePlate, 3 bushings (17mm, 24mm, 11.11mm), centering pin (1/4″ and 1/2″), 1/4″ v-groove router bit, 1/8″ spiral router bit, template base, 4 templates (petal, geometric, heart/start and bowtie), pencil guide, pencil, mounting screws and user manual
Weight 2.46 lbs


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