King Waterstone 1200 Grit

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King Japanese Water Stone #1200

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King Japanese Water Stones are known for sharpening woodworking tools, knives, cutlery and other blades. Coarser grit stones are used to remove nicks and for first step sharpening of badly dulled tools.

Mid-range grits, 1000 and 4000 take that shaped edge to a very sharp edge. 8000 grit is the finishing stone that brings your final cutting edge up and completely removes scratches from the surface.

Care must be used to keep from moving coarser grits onto the surface of finer stones, so each tool must be carefully wiped down before it is moved up a step in the sharpening process. Prior to use, stones should be immersed in water for 10 minutes and kept wet during sharpening. 8000 grit polishing stone needs only a splash of water on the surface to cut properly. Stones quickly expose a fresh cutting surface for use, which over time creates a sort of dish effect. Stones may need flattening with some frequency



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