Rustins Rust Remover

Removes surface rust from mild steel and iron products.

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Removes surface rust from mild steel and iron products. Ideal for use on garden gates, bicycles, cars and all metal objects around the home.


  • Removes surface rust from iron & steel
  • Will etch galvanized steel prior to primimg


Coats If rust is thick, a second application may be required. Small items may be dipped.
Drying Time 4-6 hours depending on humidity and temperature.
Re-coating Time 4-6 hours
Application Temp. Ideally 15-25 ºC
Coverage This will depend on thickness of rust.
Maintenance Ferrous metals treated with Rust Remover should be repainted as soon as possible, preferably with Rustin’s Red Oxide Primer or a good quality anti-corrosive paint. Rust remover leaves a thin film of ferrous phosphate on the surface and unless painted with a Red Oxide within 2 days rust may reform.
Compatibility Can be used for cleaning copper, bronze and chrome by using with 00 or 000 steel wool. The surface can then be polished with metal polish and prevented from re-tarnishing with Rustin’s Clear Metal Lacquer.


Please Download the Rust Remover documents by clicking on the link below:






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