Rystix Exterior Sealer

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Superior long life deep penetrating UV protective sealer for all exterior timber directly or indirectly exposed to weather and strong sunlight

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Rystix Exterior Sealer is a unique hybrid between a penetrating oil and a film building coating providing ultra long-life protection to all exterior timbers. The Sealer obtains a deep penetration into the timber which is the key into the timber and the foundation for the film building process, which provides UV and weather protection.

Superior quality Exterior Sealer looks like a varnish but does not behave like a varnish as a long oil Alkyd resin base provides the product with tremendous flexibility to expand and contract and the sealer will therefore not peel or flake if applied to clean, dry surfaces. It has an exceptionally high degree of UV resistance and special agents to prevent against dry rot, surface insect and fungal attack. Exterior Sealer proved superior to market leading competitor brands when submitted to accelerated weathering tests by the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research. These facts are reinforced by extensive field testing which confirm that Timbacare performs the best over a longer period of time if applied in the recommended manner. Exterior Sealer has proven capability and durability in all climatic environments.

Exterior Sealer is micro-porous allowing the timber to breathe and moisture to evaporate. The standard colour shades are highly translucent accentuating the natural beauty of the timber.


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