Woodoc Deep Penetrating Weatherproof Wax

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A resilient and nourishing liquid wax, rich in UV-inhibitors, that has been specifically formulated for maintaining sealed exterior woodwork

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A liquid penetrating weatherproof wax with ultra-violet filters for sealed/treated exterior wood. The product treats wood effectively in spite of the presence of waxes, oils, varnishes or sealers. Wood should first be sealed with a Woodoc Exterior Sealer. Note: If the product is used on wooden decks or – staircases, apply very sparingly as the surface can become slippery

Typical Application

Maintenance of all sealed exterior woodwork:

  • Exterior doors, door frames, window frames
  • Exterior wood panelling, walls
  • Gates, fences
    Garage doors


  • Maintains UV-protection and water repellence characteristics of existing surface finishes/coatings
  • Deep penetrates to nourish wood as it cleans
  • Will not change the protective characteristics of the surface coating/finish
  • Non-toxic when dry

Caution: It will not protect wood as would a sealer coating/finish



Finish: Light Waxy Feel
Application: Exterior
Coverage: Depends on application
Packaging: 375 ml, 1 litre, 5 litres. (20 or 200 litres available on request)
Colour: Clear


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