Woodoc 20 Clear Gloss Indoor Polyurethane Sealer

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A polished, grain filled finish. Most suitable for high traffic woodwork like door frames, tables and counter tops.

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Apply Woodoc 20 to interior woodwork such as skirting boards, banisters, bar- and kitchen counters, doors and window frames where an extra hard, grain-filled surface with superior heat and stain resistance is required. Only for interior use.

Typical Application

Wooden furniture
Skirting boards
Doors, door frames
Window frames, sills
Kitchen counters, cupboards
Wooden ceilings


  • Glossy, grain filled finish
  • Easy application
  • Deep penetrates to nourish wood & enhance the grain
  • Water & alcohol resistant
  • Heat & cold resistant
  • Scratch & mark resistant
  • Non-toxic when dry


Finish: Gloss
Application: Indoor
Coverage: First coat 10-12 m2/litre. Subsequent coats 12- 14 m2/litre. 3 coats (average) 3,3 m2/litre
Packaging: 500 ml, 1 litre and 5 litres. (20 or 200 litres available on request)
Colour: Clear


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